Plant Bed in the shape of a star using Marigolds,Begonias and Amaranthus

How to Create Stunning Designs for Flowering Annuals in Your Own Yard

Now you can have a stunning mosaic in your own front yard with flowering annuals. I have created designs for Marigolds, Petunias, Begonias and almost all flowering annuals. These designs utilize patterns and many are inspired by architectural ornament used in the past.

Drawing of flower bed with Snapdragons, Petunia,Dusty Miller and Calendula

The designs are composed of plants you are familar with and can get at a garden center.

There are over 130 designs using flowering annuals exclusively. The designs come in many sizes and use many different bedding plants such as Geraniums, Dianthus and Alyssum. Also included are simple instructions so you can easily duplicate the designs in your own yard.

There are plenty of landscape design books out there but there very few are devoted to flowering annuals and those don't spend a lot of time on design. This Ebook is devoted entirely to the design of flowering annuals. Also, the designs in this book are different than what you usually see in design books.

The designs in this book are based on patterns. They are more formal than just a bunch of flowers planted in masses. Some of the designs are based on patterns found in other mediums such as Traditional quilts, Architectural Ornament and Art Deco prints.

These are New Designs. You will be able to plant something that is brand new and will add some sparkle to an existing landscape but with ordinary flowers you are used to working with!

When you look at quilts sewn together with little scraps of fabric you see a gorgeous work of art, sometimes compiled of rags. The intricate geometry creates a beautiful work of art by creating patterns.

It took years for me to come up with these.

It was July of 95 in Eugene Oregon and I was learning some design tips from an artist next door. I was studying to be a landscape designer and working part time for toller landscape company We walked around the neighborhood and both agreed the landscape design wasn't very inspiring.

One area of landscaping that was just crying out for new ideas was flowering annuals. It seemed that practically nothing was being done with them but that there was a huge opportunity. More than with other areas of landscaping because of the vibrant colors and ephemeral aspect which meant a person could change the design every year.

I knew there had to be better way. I went on to work for several landscape companies and even started my own company but this thorny problem stayed with me.

Years later I started trying out different designs but a breakthrough happened when I was taking architecture courses at the University of Oregon. As you can imagine, there aren't any college courses devoted to the design of flowering annuals but the courses on architecture gave me an idea.

I had always been interested in old buildings because they have sculpture and decoration on the outside. We were required to write papers for most of the architecture classes and I concentrated on architectural ornament and that gave me insight on how to design for flowering annuals.

During the middle ages incredible stained glass windows were produced by creating a mosaic of glass. These designs are also mosaics but instead of glass I am using flowering annuals.

Photo of garden of begonias in a design from Greek ornament

The designs come in all sizes but almost all can fit in a plant bed. This design is only 5 feet square.

Image of a flower design of Dahlias,Salvia,Petunia and Marigolds

There are a variety of color combinations used.

Image of a design of Geraniums,Vinca, Verbenas and Petunias in a design used in Quilts

Although many of the designs are my own I have also created designs based on ideas from ancient Greeks and even traditional quilt designs.

List of Chapters

  • Chapter 1 - Borders (Designs for plant beds that are 3 feet by 12 feet)
  • Chapter 2 - Circles (Plant beds in the shape of circles)
  • Chapter 3 - Art Deco (You can have the Jazz age in your own front yard)
  • Chapter 4 - Stars (Plant beds inspired by stars)
  • Chapter 5 - Small Beds (For small areas)
  • Chapter 6 - American Flag (The spirit of the flag in a smaller space)
  • Chapter 7 - Small Borders (For areas next to sidewalks and driveways)
  • Chapter 8 - Cascades (Designs that flow from top to bottom)
  • Chapter 9 - Kaleidoscope (Circles with patterns and shapes arranged symmetrically in circles.)
  • Chapter 10 - Ribbons (Bands of Colors Streaming Across a Design)
  • Chapter 11 - Spirals (Not so easy to install but look wondrous in the landscape.)
  • Chapter 12 - Grass Interlock (Based on ideas of Escher. Grass is an accent and a background.)
  • Chapter 13 - Interlock (Each accent is also a background)
  • Chapter 14 – Quilts (Those intricate patterns are duplicated with your favorite flowers)
  • Chapter 15 - Micro Bed (As small as you can go)
  • Chapter 16 - Quilts (Those intricate patterns are duplicated with your favorite flowers)
  • Chapter 17 - Square (This is a design of a pattern within a square.)
  • Chapter 18 - Plaid (Not all plaid patterns will work in the landscape...these will.)

Photo of an abstract flower design of Begonias,Dianthus and Alyssum

Image of a flower bed of Snapdragons,Marigolds and Alyssum

This is the dimensioned drawing

There are two drawings for each design

Because one drawing is for presentation and the other is for dimensions. The presentation drawing will be a rendering of the plant bed and will show the overall design.

The second drawing is for dimensions only and contains dimensions of critical points. There are enough dimensions to easily duplicate the design in your yard but not so many to make it confusing. Once you locate the critical points in the plant bed, the rest is easy, you just fill in the spaces.

You may be thinking:

"I like some of these designs but how hard will it be to install them?"

When I first started trying out these designs it took forever to install them. I had to come up with a faster, more accurate way to lay out the annuals. After much experimentation I came up with a process that made it much easier.

Here is how I do the layout:

I locate critical points of the design in the plant bed and then connect those points with a hose or string.

To locate the critical points I'll need two measurements, a vertical one from the top and a horizontal one from the side.

To make the process faster and easier I'll locate the vertical points on a 2x4 board so all I have to do is measure horizontally from those points to create the critical points.

Photo of a flower garden design of Marigolds,Salvia,Dianthus and Dusty Miller

This design is in the shape of an X. There are other shapes as well.

Image of a flower bed of Verbena,Celosia,Salvia and Petunia

Don't plant another flower until you see these designs

You plant annuals to bring beauty to your yard but if you use these designs it will add to that beauty without you having to buy more flowers. Get this book today and decide if it doesn't dramatically bring beauty to your home.

You can think of this Ebook as a garden tool. Maybe your most important tool. You wouldn’t try and prepare your plant bed without some tools. But the design is just as important and if you don’t have a tool to help you it will be just as frustrating as using a spoon instead of a shovel.

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But what if you don't like the designs in the brochure?

It's easy.

Just return the Ebook for a full refund.

I can't read the mind of every reader, so there are going to be people that don't like these designs. I can't blame them because there are plenty of landscape designs I don't like either. After all, that's the reason for the book. I felt so strongly about the direction (or lack of it) of landscape design I wrote a book about it. If these ideas don't do a thing for you, just ask for a refund.

For less than the price of one seasons annuals you can transform your yard into something special each year. Unlike annuals, once you have this book you will never have to buy it again.

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